The Tile Discount Centers’ User Friendly Showroom Features the Largest Selection and Best Choices of Products available in South Florida from Italy and from other places around the globe.

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our company. Here is a brief overview and history of what we have accomplished and what we have to offer our customers. The Tile Discount Center first opened for business in July 1991 in Pompano Beach Florida. We were one of the first companies to sell and distribute tile and porcelain products from Italy. We have enjoyed a reputation as being on the cutting edge of decorator design in the South Florida area for over 25 years. Our business specializes in Italian porcelain. Our company is the main distributors for DAL-Tile and many Spanish companies including but not limited to also carrying competitive Chinese porcelain.  We quickly became the main distributor of these products to builders and independent contractors after opening our doors in 1991.

Maintaining our reputation for superior customer service and attention to detail has become the driving force behind our success. All of our customers receive individual, personalized attention with all of their decorating needs. From new installations and remodeling to complete restoration projects the Tile Discount Center has the knowledge and expertise necessary to partner with your company. TDC will work hard to ensure your project deadlines are met and that your orders are fulfilled. The Tile Discount Center is a family owned business. The family travels extensively to designer shows in Italy. Not only does TDC distribute the finest products available, but the company also provides all of the professional installation required to take your project from start to finish. John and Michael oversee each new project. Maria and Carmela attend to the early stages of project design and development. Decorators, Architects, Contractors and Developers all come to the Tile Discount Center showroom for one simple reason. They come because the Tile Discount Center has the largest and best selection of products available in South Florida all in one place and all under one roof.  We are very happy that we are able to offer competitive rates within the market that we service. Please make your next stop, “The Tile Discount Center Showroom,” if you are in the market for the unsurpassed quality products that we carry and distribute.