Master Color Grout is a polymer-modified, sanded grout for joint widths from 1/8″ to 5/8″ (3 to 15 cm). Provides exceptional color uniformity, high wear characteristics and stain resistance without the addition of latex admixtures. Excellent flexural and bond strength, color control, high compressive strength and minimal efflorescence. Resists bacteria, fungus, alkalis and is freeze/thaw stable when cured. Available in 37 colors. Exceeds ANSI A118.6. Available in 25lb and 10lb dry grout colors.

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DRY GROUT is non-sanded and formulated for grouting porous floor and wall tiles with joints up to 1/8″ (3 mm) wide. Ideal for use with glazed tile and polished marble that can be scratched by sanded grout. It can be used for interior and exterior applications. Meets ANSI A118.6 specifications.

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A Siliconized, acrylic latex caulk that matches the most popular Master Color Grout Colors.

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(Unsanded Grout for 1/16″-1/8″)

Unsanded grout designed to be used when installing glazed bisque bodied tiles, marble or granite. Available in over 36 designer and decorator colors to compliment every wall, countertop and back-splash. For joint width up to 1/8″.

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(Latex-Portland Cement Grout)

Polymer modified Portland cement based grout designed to be used with all tile types in joint widths from 1/8″ to 1/2″.

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A specially formulated additive to be used with Security Grout instead of water. For interior or exterior installations, the new Grout Admix provides maximum protection, with no sealing required.

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A premium quality sealant that provides a long-lasting water-resistant seal. It is formulated with siliconized acrylic to provide a flexible, mildew-resistant, stain-resistant, crack-resistant high adhesion product. It is color matched to all SGM sanded and non-sanded grout colors.

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A unique concept in grout and concrete coatings. Formulated to sink deeply into pores, coating the aggregate and leaving the coloring below the wearing surface. It dries to a matte finish, which maintains the granular appearance of grout and provides a glare free, uniform color that is highly resistant to wear, sunlight, water, and extreme temperatures.

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Master Color© Grout and Dry Grout — All Colors Available. *Available in Grout Stain. Grout sample colors are as close as possible to the actual color of the grout and are for reference only. Your final color should be chosen using a grout color card found in the retail location where the grout is purchased. Final grout shade may vary due to differing installation techniques and job site conditions.

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Monitor calibrations may vary hues and tones. The present color chart might not represent accurate colors.


Multi-Lite is a premium, lightweight latex-Portland cement mortar utilizing nanotechnology that can be used for medium bed and non-sag applications of ceramic, mosaic, quarry tiles and dimension stone tiles. This new technology is 40% lighter than traditional mortars.

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Contractors Choice polymer-modifed latex-Portland Cement Mortar is an economical multi-purpose mortar formulated for the installation of ceramic, mosaic, quarry and dimension stone tiles (absorptive, semi-vitreous and vitreous) tiles.

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